Google Glass, Your New Virtual Assistant

This new device has features like the one we see in sci-fi movies, and the good news is… it’s coming in stores by the end of this year. This high-tech eyewear takes mobile functionalities into an interactive wearable tech. Instead of constantly unlocking your phone just to take photos, get directions or send messages, Google Glass is always ready to do tasks in your field of vision. To know how the glass can help you with your day-to-day activities, here are some of the things you can do with it.

Hands-free video and photo capturing

Google glass can capture videos and photos by voice commands, without the need of touching or pressing a button. The glass wearers can capture and share images in their exact point of view via Google Hangouts.

Search results right before your eyes

Google Glass can search via phone’s data connection or Wi-Fi, and display search results right before your eyes. By using voice commands, the user can ask the glass to identify objects, answer questions or pull-up info almost instantly.

Map directions

Since Google has the best mapping technology, it only makes sense to integrate it to Google Glass. The glass will display directions without looking away from the road. It can tell you which road and street will lead you to your destination.


Just like your smartphone, the glass can remind you of the important things you have to do, but it adds visual touch to it. For instance, you can add a reminder by looking at the object, saying “Remind me to…” The headset will take a photo of it and associate it with the reminder.

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