How to Face Death

When death is mentioned, you feel afraid. You should not feel that way because you know that sooner or later, you will face your own death. Dying is part of life. Everyone will encounter it regardless of who they are. If in this case you have a terminal illness and you didn’t expect it, it is hard for you to accept the impending death.

It is understandable. You will go through different stages until you accept it. After acceptance, what then? You should realize that time is of great essence and what to do with the remaining time is an issue that should be addressed –right away. Here are things that you can do to make the most out of your remaining time:

Always be with your loved ones. Every moment counts. You will find happiness if you are with your loved ones.

Do things together. Make wonderful memories together with your friends and loved ones. Do things together but it doesn’t have to be that exhausting. There are many activities that you can consider.

Find peace and reconciliation. If you wronged someone, seek for reconciliation. If someone wronged you, forgive them. You will not bring that additional burden when you face death.

Say the words. It is best if you say the words like “I love you” or “thank you”. If you are the type that rarely say those words, you should say it always.

Think that you lived your life to the fullest. If you think that you lived your life to the fullest, you will leave in peace.

Never consider suicide. No matter how painful and miserable you feel, never think about suicide. It will deprive you of your chance or opportunity to spend time with your family and other loved ones.

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