Uncommon Ways of Spending Less on Trips

Aside from travelling light, getting promo airfares and staying in friend’s house instead of checking in to hotels, there are other more ways you can do to help spend less while you’re on vacation. What are these and how? Read on to find out.

Frequent-flier credit cards with freebies

Many new airline-allied credit cards offer perks and bonuses for frequent-flyers. There are credit card companies that don’t require clients to pay an annual fee for their first year of membership, with 20,000 bonus miles, first checked in bag free, and priority boarding privileges. You just have to search for these airline-credit-card ties to avail their promos.

Hotel Upgrades

When checking in to hotels, it’s best to sign up for the cheapest membership or frequent-stay program, even if you’re only staying once. There are hotels that provide free Wi-Fi, plus $5-10 mini-bar credit for every stay just by signing up. Some of these hotels are the Fairmont and Kimpton Hotels.

Car Rentals

Car rental agencies, like Hertz Gold Plus, has frequent-user package. Sign up for free to avail upgrades, extra perks and great discounts. Websites, like Autoslash.com, also notifies you if prices of car rentals have gone low since the time you’ve booked your reservation.


Many travel agencies and airlines offer coupons for discounts as much as 50% off on packages and flights, which can really help you save substantial amount of your travel expenses. You can Google the coupon codes and vendor names or sign up for airlines’ email lists. Expedia travel agency offer coupon codes, as well as Southwest Airlines.

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